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Currently the Cable Percussive Rig is still doing 80% of all ground investigation works in the UK. The advantages of CP drilling are well known but there are very significant disadvantages too. The extremely heavy tools and equipment used are making it gladiators job rather than 21st century profession. Second, that we disapprove the most, the driller is in the driving seat with even very experienced engineer having little control over the drilling process. Anyone who have spent time on site supervising CP drilling would understand the point. Next, if one hit obstruction with CP drilling the only way forward is to move aside and start from the beginning.

The method that we introduce tends to overcome the issues related to CP drilling. Rotary rig is used for drilling utilising technique called "dry drilling" with no drilling mud or flush used in the process.

This is cost effective for boreholes up to 30m in depth and have the advantage of ability to switch to standard rotary drilling with drilling flush at any point.

Advantages over the CP drilling:

-Rotary rigs are much more sophisticated, with tools and equipment used with reasonable weight.

-Ability to overcome potential obstructions in the ground;

-100% core recovery and the Engineer in charge of the job not the driller;

- Able to recover A class sample required by EC7;

-Single mobilisation cost when the borehole is continued and completed by standard rotary drilling.

In terms of sampling, using thin wall cylinders we are able to provide Ø 100mm class A  undisturbed sample  in soft to firm cohesive soil. For firm to stiff clay,  classic  U-100 sampler is used to recover undisturbed samples.


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